Helinet Technologies

MISSION: Safeguarding people and places through customized surveillance solutions.

Helinet Technologies provides aerial surveillance systems and services to law enforcement, government agencies and military organizations across the globe.

Backed by decades of real world mission experience, the firm brings a flexible, client driven approach to every engagement with services ranging from basic equipment sales to fully outsourced surveillance solutions, encompassing pilots, aircraft, logistics, training, engineering and maintenance.

A lot of people ask me, what does Helinet Technologies do?


"This photo of President Obama, l believe, captures what we do and the level of security required for who we do it for. Notice the blimp in the upper lefthand corner of the frame. On that airship is technology that HT's amazing team has designed, installed, tested and implemented for the Country of Trinidad and Tobago, for effective, day/night eyes in the sky, with hi-res data pushed to secure command centers, both fixed and mobile, real time, through our encrypted downlink solution.

This is what HT is really good at! From countries abroad that need assistance, to NYPD Air Support. And many, many dedicated end users in between rely on my company for reliable, robust images and data links.

No one does it better than the HT team.

If it sounds like I’m proud of my team, then I'm being heard!"

Alan Purwin – Founder